Blue Ribbon Pie Card Game

You and your fellow competitors are all on your way to becoming famous pie making Cheflebrities! You have been selected for a contest competing with each other in the kitchen to build the best quality pies you possibly can!

Blue Ribbon Pie is a fun, casual, family card game! You take turns drawing cards from the ingredients pile, playing a card on your turn, and putting together the best quality pies you can! But watch out, mistakes can be made and people can sabotage each other in the kitchen with special cards. Points are tallied up at the end based on quality and special conditions to find out who the winner is!

For more rules on how to play, feel free to download the rulebook below:

When will the game be available?

Blue Ribbon Pie is finished with the art and development, as well as the play testing phase. We’re now looking at getting the game produced and manufactured. We do not have a set release date just yet, but if you’d like a reminder please sign up to our email list below! We’ll let you know as soon as we have a date and more info. 🙂

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