Familiar Mythic Arena on Tabletop Simulator

We’re proud to announce that we finally have our card game, Familiar: Mythic Arena, available to the public for free on Tabletop Simulator!

Familiar Mythic Arena logo and familiars

How do I join?

You can do a search for “familiar mythic arena” in the Workshop tab in Steam to find it on there, or simply follow this link: Familiar on Tabletop Simulator

We’ve also setup a Discord server, where people can meet up and text or voice chat to organize playing with each other!

And there’s also our Familiar Facebook Group. Where you can post comments, suggestions, get advice and help on the game…and test new features as we come out with them!

Familiar Mythic Arena on Tabletop Simulator
Screenshot from inside Tabletop Simulator

But…What is Tabletop Simulator?

For those who don’t know what Tabletop Simulator is, it’s basically a board game sandbox for you to create your own games in on the PC. Nothing is scripted, so you have to pick up, drop, and move around the cards manually like you would in person…only that you can play with people remotely from anywhere around the world! 🙂

You do both have to own Tabletop Simulator, it’s a program available on Steam for your computer for around $20. You can find out more about it here: https://www.tabletopsimulator.com/

Familiar Mythic Arena example game layout

Key commands for playing in Tabletop Simulator:

  • To view or enlarge any card: hover over it with your mouse cursor and hold down ALT.
  • To take a card: left click, then move the mouse and let go of left click wherever you’d like to place it.
  • To take a deck: left click and hold for a couple seconds. The whole deck will be selected and you can move it wherever, or rotate it, flip it, etc.
  • To pick up and move multiple cards: Left Click and drag a box around them. They are now all selected (they will be highlighted). Left click on any of the selected cards to pick up and move them all.
  • To place a card in your hand: take a card, then drag it over to your username on the board.
  • To draw cards from a deck: hover your mouse cursor over the deck, then hit a number key depending on how many you want to draw.
  • To Place a card on the bottom of the deck: Pick up the deck and move it, then place the card you want on the bottom in the deck’s spot, and then put the deck back on top. There’s no easy command for this one, unfortunately!

You can Right Click on a card or deck to do the following, or use the keyboard commands while you hover with your mouse cursor over the object:

  • To Rotate Cards: Q or E
  • Flip a card: F
  • Shuffle your deck: R
  • Roll a die: R

*Note that many of these commands work for cards that are in your hand as well! So if you want to hide a card from your opponent, first Flip the card over in your hand, then put it out in play.

**This list of commands is also available right beside the Rule book and Quick Turn guide inside Tabletop Simulator when you load Familiar!

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