Gryphon Mount Games was founded in 2018 by Jason & Maura, a husband & wife team with a love for games and art. Over the course of a year, in their free time, they developed their first card game together, Familiar: Mythic Arena. It’s been a dream of theirs to eventually earn a living using their creative talents, and to use a portion of profits for charitable causes they both believe in.

Our Mission

To bring new and exciting games to the table top world and get people together! Games are great ice breakers, inlets to forming friendships, and things to do in person with others. They are reasons to go, get out of your house, and be with your friends or make new ones! People are what matters most in life, spend your time with each other!

The Creators

Jason & Maura Photo

Jason Vo

I’ve been playing and creating games as long as I can remember.  I love games that bring people together, especially in this digital age.  There’s just nothing like meeting people face to face, forming friendships, and the excitement of both yourself and your fellow players when playing exhilarating matches of your favorite games.  I grew up playing all sorts of table top, trading card, and plethora of video games.  As much as I love digital, there’s just nothing quite like  having your own custom made deck or character to strut your stuff with.  Almost all of my favorite memories of games involve groups of friends hanging out and talking shop about strategies, and settling disputes about said strategies in friendly and/or competitive matches.  Back in the day, heading to the local game shop, our favorite coffee shop, or each other’s houses to get our game on was the best, and I really hope to bring these things to you in some way with the games we create!  So, pleased to meet you, and have fun!

Maura Elko

I’ve also been playing games since I was very young. Board games were a part of my childhood, and then video games as I got into my teens. As I got older though, I couldn’t make as much time for video games, even though I still enjoyed playing them. However what I could always make time for was getting together with friends. Games provided something for us to have fun, relax, and do together. I’ve also always had a love for art, fantasy art in particular. It’s my hope that the art created for our games will help make the game experience more immersive and lively. I hope you all like it! 🙂

Playtesters & Helpers

We’d like to give a big heartfelt thank you to all who have helped us along the way! We couldn’t get too far without an awesome group of playtesters! So thank you all, we deeply appreciate any time you gave to helping us refine, fix, and make a better game!

Familiar: Mythic Arena

  • Christopher Yeisley – lead playtester
  • Cory Laniewski
  • Stacey Watkins
  • Allen Hu
  • Seth Krasner
  • Maxim Granville
  • Brian Knorr
  • Mike Kenah
  • Patrick Ziagos

Blue Ribbon Pie

  • Christopher Yeisley
  • Cory Laniewski
  • Stacey Watkins
  • Allen Hu
  • Seth Krasner
  • Ann Stolinsky – a big thank you for doing a final read through and editing advice on Blue Ribbon Pie! If you need an editor, check out her website, Gemini Wordsmiths.

Also, for all the people we’ve met at game conventions, thank you for playing our games and giving us feedback!