Familiar: Mythic Arena

You can purchase a copy of Familiar from the print on demand site, The Game Crafter! You can also purchase from us locally as well or at any conventions we’re at to save on shipping!

We also have a limited amount of card decks that are “seconds” available at a discount. These are only the deck of cards, and were printed with a slight error–the UV coating (clear gloss) isn’t fully complete on the bottom or top of some of the cards. It does not affect the playability of the cards, it’s just an aesthetic effect only. These are available at $10 per deck, free shipping if going to a US address. If you’d like to purchase a copy, please contact us! We accept Paypal or credit card and have a limited supply we can sell.

Familiar game contents
The game contains 72 cards, 2 dice, 36 counters, 1 Rulebook, 1 Box.