Familiar: Mythic Arena

We would love to eventually get Familiar Mythic Arena in local game stores. To do that we’d have to fund it via Kickstarter or find a publisher. We’re not certain on the direction we’ll be taking with that right now.

However if you don’t want to wait, you can purchase a copy of Familiar right now from the print on demand site, The Game Crafter!

You can also purchase from us locally as well or at any conventions we’re at to save on shipping!

Will there be any differences between this and the Kickstarter/store version?

Essentially all the game components, artwork, and the game itself will be exactly the same. It is finished, they’re not changing. We may have a few stretch goals on Kickstarter for things like special dice, a nice dice/counters bag, spot gloss coating on the box. We also hope to be able to add a few more pages to the included Rulebook as well for some more pictures and stuff like page numbers(we really didn’t have the room!). Any stretch goals would only be aesthetic additions.

Familiar game contents
The game contains 72 cards, 2 dice, 36 counters, 1 Rulebook, 1 Box.