The Characters of Familiar: Meet the Cast!

We have an all star line up of Familiars in the Mythic Arena! Who is your favorite familiar? Who will you pick for your team? Find out a little bit more about each character below!

Sir Edmund, unicorn from Familiar Mythic Arena

Sir Edmund

Coming from the Celestial realms, this is no ordinary unicorn! Gifted with the power of healing touch, he makes an excellent support character in the Rear or Guard lines. Even though he may be a little shy in battle, he’s loyal without fault, and will never let you down! Well..not intentionally…

“Hey guys, you like carrots? I like carrots. And apples too, yeah apples. Got any apples? Wha-oh say something about the Mythic Arena? Oh, um yeah it’s kinda scary for me, but I know my friends need me so I’ll do my best!”

-Sir Edmund, Noble Unicorn

Silver Paw, the Great Wolf from Familiar Mythic Arena

Silver Paw

This alpha wolf is a true team player, gaining confidence and power when more of his companions show up in the arena. And even though he may sometimes arrive late in the game, don’t worry; when he does he doesn’t mess around and comes in paws a blazing!

“My teams are the best around. We’ve got what it takes to win and aren’t going to let a loss here and there bring us down! Let’s do this!”

-Silver Paw, The Great Wolf

Ol' Chomper, Monstrous Crocodile, a character from Familiar Mythic Arena

Ol’ Chomper

The oldest out of all the Familiars, this hardened croc has seen more battles and tournaments than any other. And it shows in his tough hide and armor penetrating teeth. It’ll take more than a few hits to stop this guy!

“These youngin’s are full of spunk. But it takes more than all that energy to take down some of those bad boys. I’ve been battlin in these here arenas since before you was born!”

-Ol’ Chomper, Monstrous Crocodile

Gloth, wild boar, familiar mythic arena


He may be caught “training” by chowing down on precious Elyth stones in his free time, but don’t let that fool you! This wild pig can shake the ground up charging on through, and will knock your teammates over in battle with barely a fight!

*Crunch crunch…* Mmm…I love the green and red gems the best *crunch* I mean, if someone puts out a Topaz Health Gem I’ll eat it, sure, but mmmm *crunch*, you can’t beat these Regen and Power Stones. Sooo tastey!

-Gloth, Voracious Hunter

Ember Wing

Creating a spark wherever she goes, the fiery phoenix, Ember Wing, will heat up the battle, burning every familiar in a row with a touch of flame! She can dodge past your front line, and even return from what looks like certain defeat!

“We’ll get them together team! I’ll fly over and flame the guard line while you others get those in front. Then I’ll use my blazing talons and—ouu! Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to catch your tail on fire again Huang, it’s just you were standing awfully close–oh sorry too Thunderhoof! >.<…. 🙁 ….I’ll just go over by Sir Edmund, he can’t get burned.”

-Ember Wing, Flame Keeper

Bling Bling

Watch out for this sly little monkey. The master thief, he’ll steal any of your Elyth and use them for himself! Always up to no good, he can also sneak around the battle field and bite someone in the back lines!

“Ehehehe, why that’s a pretty gem! Be a shame if someone…stole it from you xD hehehe…”

-Bling Bling, Master Thief


No one knows too much about this mysterious fellow. He’s a scorpion of few words. Never underestimate him in battle however, that thick carapace and those sharp claws can be deadly..and poisonous! Achrab, might you have anything to say to our audience, perhaps tell a short tale of your battle experience?


-Achrab, The Black Death



Have you heard of the legendary Water Horse? This ferocious, man eating beast will come at you from the turbulent stormy waters where she calls her home. She–“

“A-ahem, ferocious “man-eating” beast you call me? Do I look like a Kraken or some giant squid to you?”

Oh, I was just telling the audience of your fearsome–

“You shouldn’t make exaggerated statements like that. It will give people the wrong impression. Why don’t you tell them of my vast cultural and artistic talents instead? Why is it always about battle? I enjoy playing the harp, painting in watercolors…”

Well I, uh, just meant that you attack with vicious–

Charlie Horse



And so begat Charlie….

-Aelwen, Queen of the Ceffyl Dwar…. and Charlie, just a plain old horse… that she can turn you into. Don’t make her mad!

Valtharax, fire ruby dragon


Valtharax, the fiery ruby dragon from the desert. Who can stand up to his immense size and aggression? His flaming sulphuric breath will leave you scorched and running from battle (and not just from the flames if you know what I mean-phew!) Valtharax, can you tell us about your strategy during that last match?

“Oh last battle? It was nothing. I took the first 2 down myself. With one claw! It wasn’t until that mangey Silverpaw got there…arghh…I get mad just thinking about it! He doesn’t fight fair! That @#$#% wolf! Next time I’m gonna %$#&@ slash him and ^%&*# burn him to bits! If he think he can stand in my way again, NO one can stand in my way!! RAWRR!!!

-Valtharax, Desert Rampager

What about the other Familiars?

Don’t worry, their descriptions are coming soon 🙂