Familiar: Mythic Arena FAQ’s

We’ve listed here a number of Frequently Asked Questions about Familiar: Mythic Arena. If you have a question not answered, feel free to Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page or on social media:

General Questions:

When is your Kickstarter release date?

We don’t have a date set for that yet. Join our email list and you’ll be the first to find out however! 🙂

Will there be expansions? 

Yes, definitely if the game is successful. We’ve got lots of ideas for more familiars and some other game mechanics. In fact we already started testing one of them! If you’d also like to test any of the expansions and give us feedback, join our Facebook group here. When we have new material ready we’ll post it and you can try it out before it’s released!

Will there be a Multiplayer version? 

Multiplayer rules for games of more than 2 players are in development for the future, depending on the success of the game and interest.

Is this a TCG/CCG (Trading Card Game/Collectible Card Game)?

No, it’s not. Everything you need to play is in the base set, and future expansions will not out date it. We do not want anyone to ever have to spend extra money to get better cards.

Are there how to play videos?

We’ve put up a lot of explanation videos on our YouTube Channel, and are working on a walk through video as well! If you have questions or ideas for any game play mechanics or something you’d like to see in a video, please let us know!

Will there be any official sanctioned tournaments or events? 

We would like to and hope to do so depending on how successful the game is.

Gameplay Questions:

Are there any rules as to what happens if you do not draw a pet card for several turns, and fall behind? There is nothing official, but you’re welcome to create any house rules you’d like if this situation occurs. Keep in mind that even if it feels like the game is going south for a player in some circumstances, it is possible for it to swing the other way suddenly with a lucky, or unlucky, dice roll or other strategy. Sometimes it’s fun to wait it out and see what happens!

Do passive damage abilities (Astaryan’s Caustic, Valtharax’s Scales of Fire, Solace’s Elusive, Ember Wing’s Flaming Body, Goliath’s Deadly Touch, etc) count as the pet dealing damage for effects like Vampiric Deathstone, Recoiling Damage Stone, or Eclipsion’s Lifesteal? Yes. There is an example given under Triggered Effects & Resolution in the Rulebook for more details.

Card Specific Questions:

Familiar Cards


Does the text under Elusive “This pet can take humanoid form” do anything extra? No, this is just flavor text for the character. The character of Aelwen is based on the mythos of the “water horse” or Kelpie, and for the game we made it that when she’s in humanoid form she can use two Elyth cards. It does nothing more than what is stated on the card.

Aelwen’s Unique ability Polymorph uses the card of “Charlie” to transform the target pet into a Horse. Place Charlie on top of the target pet until the end of the Cleanup step when used.


Why is there an X next to Health for Charlie? When a pet gets Polymorphed by Aelwen into Charlie, it looses all stats and abilities EXCEPT the Health stat. That’s not affected, so is kept the same.

Does Charlie get drafted or put into your deck? No, Charlie is just a stand in card for when you use Aelwen’s Unique ability, Polymorph.


Does “defeat” in Gloth’s Devour mean downing a pet? If so, does it count if Gloth downs an allied pet with the damage from a missed Charge? Yes “defeat” should be taken to mean “downed”. If any pet is downed due to the damage of a missed charge, this would indeed trigger Gloth’s Devour ability, since he is the source of the damage dealt. You cannot affect your own pets with adjacent damage effects however (i.e. you cannot deal fire damage to your own pets with Emberwing’s Flaming Body).


Can you change back into Mimic after using the Unique ability, Parrot? No, not unless there is another “Mimic” out in the Arena that has not used Parrot to transform into another familiar yet. You can use Parrot to transform into different familiars throughout the game however, but the familiars you transform into must be visible out in the Arena.

What happens to Mimic if the familiar that Mimic used “Parrot” to copy is downed? Nothing happens. Mimic will still be Parroting that familiar.


Elusive: Each time a pet misses Solace, they take 10 damage. However opponents only need to reroll the FIRST time they Hit Solace each round, and not each and every hit.

Elyth Cards

Revenge Stone

Does Revenge Stone count as an exception to the “damage increases only applies to activated abilities” rule? If so, does it also apply to adjacent effects? No. Items, Runes, and Elyth stones do not provide any additional damage to abilities other than Active (battle) abilities.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions: