Familiar, now available via print on demand; Kickstarter in the future!

Hi all!

We’re excited to announce that yesterday we hit the big “Publish” button on The Game Crafter for our first card game, Familiar: Mythic Arena! This allows you to now purchase a copy through their site!

We’ve been happy overall using them for our prototypes, and we felt the quality was good enough to sell to anyone out there.

Familiar game contents
The game contains 72 cards, 2 dice, 36 counters, 1 Rulebook, 1 Box.

We’re also selling copies at most conventions that we’re attending throughout the year, and we’d like to give a big heartfelt thank you to those who did purchase the game at Mepacon this past April!

All set up and ready to go for the start of Mepacon!

So why do a Kickstarter if it can already be purchased?

The Game Crafter is great for prototypes and small orders. It gets pretty pricey though depending on the components of your game however. We would really love to get our game out into local game shops across the country, and that’s just not really possible financially going through Game Crafter.

Self publishing on Kickstarter is no walk in the park however. It’s a tremendous amount of work just researching and learning about the industry. Even if you have a game ready to go like we do, publishing is a whole other ball game with looking for the right manufacturer, shipping, fulfillment, distribution…not to mention marketing, and just getting your game out there so people know it exists!

So, long story short, we need to mass produce. The only way for us to get funding for that right now is to do a Kickstarter.

When will we be launching on Kickstarter? We’re not sure yet. We still need to get all our information down pat. We want to be good and ready for it. I could tell you though, that most likely the latest date we’ll be aiming for is January 2020, if not sooner.

That’s still a long ways away. And even longer to get the games in hand.

Luckily you don’t have to wait though to get a copy of the game if you want one, and we detailed on our Shop page the differences that there would be with the Kickstarter (just some fancy additions as possible stretch goals if funded).

Familiar Cards

If you have any questions on the our game Familiar, or the future Kickstarter we’re planning, feel free to Contact Us at any time!