Familiar – Rule Book Updates

Hey everyone, as always we are pushing forward to bring you the best and cleanest playing version of our game, Familiar Mythic Arena! Recently we have altered a little bit of nomenclature in the game, and cleaned up some text on a couple of the cards.

You will notice some minor alterations and one power/balance improvement for one card. Be sure to catch these changes as listed below.

We’ve also added a few more pages to the rule book, bringing it up to 28 now (including page numbers, yay)! Mostly this was to add more picture examples, as well as to add to and clarify the text a little here and there to make it easier for everyone.

It’s finally finished, and you can download the new, “extended” version here:

Rules Updates

  • Active Ability is now known as Battle Power.
  • And instead of Passive Ability and Unique Ability, they’re now known as Passive Power, & Unique Power.
  • The effect listed after the main damage in a Battle Power is officially now called Secondary Effect (which are shown in italics). Example: In Ember Wing’s Battle Power, “Blazing Talon: 30 DMG. Burn 1.“, the Burn 1 is a Secondary Effect.

Card Updates

  • Valtharax’s Enrage power: “Enrage: If this pet has 80 Health or less: +1 Hit, +10 Speed, +10 DMG. OR if 40 Health or less: +2 Hit, +20 Speed, +20 DMG, instead.” This was to clarify that the bonuses at each Health level do not stack with each other, but are replaced.
  • Gloth: Now has Hit: 4, instead of Hit: 2. His Charge Battle Power no longer grants +2 bonus on Hit.
  • The Rune card, Elyth: Now states, “Prevent the next 30 Damage and the next status effect target pet would receive. Draw a card.” Bringing it better into line with its counterpart Press the Advantage.
  • Tactician’s Gem: The text “This pet’s activated abilities” now reads “This pet’s Battle Powers“.

*These changes will be reflected in any new printings of the game, and are visible on Tabletop Simulator.

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